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03-16 EBSCOhost 3

03-16 EBSCOhost 3

03-16 EBSCOhost 3

Editorial Board

The Editor is the head of the journal, and is mainly responsible for the scientific quality of its content. His duties include the following: overviewing the submission process, subjecting the articles to peer review, communication with authors about decisions on a manuscript’s acceptance or rejection, forwarding to the Publisher any institutional subscription inquiries, appointing editorial staff, submission of issue to Publisher, production and distribution processes.

Members of the Editorial Board are appointed by the Editor. The Editorial Board reviews manuscripts according to the peer review policy and ensure that authors follow the Submission Guidelines. Furthermore the members of the Editorial Board make recommendations to Editor regarding the quality of manuscripts and recommend external reviewers. In addition they prepare manuscripts for publication in terms of language editing, references, and proofreading. The members can also write book reviews on topics related to their field of research and different time periods.


Mihai Dragnea (University of South-Eastern Norway)

Editorial Board

Jillian Mitchell (Balkan History Association)

Marco Cassioli (University of Aix-Marseille)

Cristian Constantin (Commission for the History of Towns in Romania, Romanian Academy)

John M. Nomikos (Research Institute for European and American Studies, Athens)

Blagoj Conev (MIT University, Skopje)

Lisa Irene Hau (University of Glasgow)

Alexandru Madgearu (Institute for Defence Studies and Military History, Bucharest)

Marijan Premović (University of Montenegro)

Alice Isabella Sullivan (Tufts University)

Aleksandar R. Miletić (Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade)

Annemarie Sorescu-Marinković (Institute for Balkan Studies, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

Roumiana Preshlenova (Institute of Balkan Studies and Centre of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

Mihaela Teodor (National Institute for Intelligence Studies, Bucharest)

Leofranc Holford-Strevens (Oxford, UK)

Christene d’Anca (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Petru Negură (Institute of Legal, Political and Sociological Research, Chisinau)

Boris Stojkovski (University of Novi Sad)

Andrei Gândilă (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

Ali Yaycıoğlu (Stanford University) 

Donald L. Dyer (University of Mississippi)