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03-16 EBSCOhost 3

03-16 EBSCOhost 3

03-16 EBSCOhost 3


Vol. 8, No. 1, 2021

Studies and Articles

Montenegro under Ottoman Rule (1497–1697) (pp. 1-15) by Abidin Temizer and Marijan Premović

War and Social Conflicts in Early Modern Border Areas: Colonel Ludovicus de La Borde and Satu Mare (Szatmár) Fortress (1673–77) (pp. 16-37) by Florin Nicolae Ardelean

Aromanian Ethnicity in the Accounts of British Travelers through the Balkans (approx. 1800–1860) (pp. 38-58) by Vladimir Constantin Crețulescu

From Disorder to “the Normality”: Food Provisioning in Western, Central, and Southeast Europe, 1914–1924 
(pp. 59-80) by Aleksandar R. Miletić

Master Artisan Certificates of the Practical Fishermen’s School in Bulgaria (1921–1933) 
(pp. 81-95) by Asen Nikolov Kozhuharov

From “Original Democracy” to Euro-Atlantic Integration: Foreign Policy Issues during the Romanian Presidential Campaigns (1990–2004) 
(pp. 96-117) by Marius Mureșan

Book Reviews

Alexander the Great in the Roman Empire, 150 BC to AD 600 by Jaakkojuhani Peltonen 
(pp. 118-121), review by Valeria Fol

Perceptions of the Body and Sacred Space in Late Antiquity and Byzantium. by Jelena Bogdanović 
(pp. 121-124), review by Ecaterina Lung

Classical Art: A Life History from Antiquity to the Present by Caroline Vout 
(pp. 124-128), review by Andreea Ștefan

Images de l’Invisible: De l’Antiquité tardive a la fin du Moyen Âge. by Luminița Diaconu, Alexandra Lițu, Ecaterina Lung, Luminița Diaconu, Alexandra Lițu, Ecaterina Lung; Images of the Invisible: From Late Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages by Luminița Diaconu, Alexandra Lițu, Ecaterina Lung 
(pp. 128-131), review by Ana-Maria Lepăr

Ai confini dell’Occidente. Regesti degli atti dei notai veneziani a Tana nel Trecento. 1359–1388 by Francesca Pucci Donati, Francesca Pucci Donati; At the Borders of the West. Summaries of Venetian Notary Deeds Drawn Up in Tana during the Fourteenth Century. 1359–1388 by Francesca Pucci Donati 
(pp. 132-135), review by Marco Cassioli

Memoriale delle cose occorse a me Franco Sivori dopo della mia partenza da Genova l’anno 1581 per andare in Vallachia by Alexandra Vrânceanu Pagliardini, Alexandra Vrânceanu Pagliardini; Memoir of Things That Happened to Me, Franco Sivori, After My Departure from Genoa in 1581 to Go to Wallachia by Alexandra Vrânceanu Pagliardini 
(pp. 135-138), review by Marco Cassioli

The Lithuanian Metrica. History and Research by Artūras Dubonis, Darius Antanavičius, Raimonda Ragauskienė, Ramunė Šmigelskytė-Stukienė 
(pp. 138-142), review by Valentin Constantinov

Vojnový Album: Dr. Jenő Lesskó–Belehrad 1915–1916. Ratni Album: Dr. Jenő Lesskó–Beograd 1915–1916 by Martin Jarinkovič, Viktor Szabó, Martin Jarinkovič, Viktor Szabó; The War Album: Dr. Jenő Lesskó–Belgrade 1915–1916 by Martin Jarinkovič, Viktor Szabó 
(pp. 143-147), review by Milan Sovilj

Bulgaria and Hungary in the First World War: A View from the 21st Century by Gábor Demeter, Csaba Katona, Penka Peykovska 
(pp. 147-151), review by Balázs Balatoni

Peisajul cultural rural dintre Prut și Nistru. Aspecte etnogeografice by Dorina Onica, Dorina Onica; The rural cultural landscape between Prut and Dniester. Ethno-geographical aspects by Dorina Onica 
(pp. 151-155), review by Natalia Grădinaru

The Romance-Speaking Balkans: Language and the Politics of Identity by Annemarie Sorescu-Marinković, Mihai Dragnea, Thede Kahl, Blagovest Njagulov, Donald L. Dyer, Angelo Costanzo 
(pp. 155-158), review by Petar Radosavljević


Vol. 7, No. 2, 2020

Studies and Articles

Thracians in the Second Macedonian War (200–197 B.C.) (pp. 109-121)
Jordan Iliev

Spices on the Edges of the Empire. A Pepper Pot from Roman Histria (pp. 122-143)
Alexandra Țârlea, Alexandra Lițu, Mircea Dabîca and Iulia Iliescu

The Cult of St. Olaf in the Latin and Greek Churches between the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries (pp. 144-166)

Mihai Dragnea

Between Byzantium and the West: Serbian Marital Policy and Political Orientation (Mid-Eleventh Century – 1371) (pp. 167-196)
Boris Stojkovski

The Inochentism: Faith, Ritual Practices, and Sacred Spaces. New Data and Approaches (pp. 197-225)
Dorina Onica

Book Reviews

Місто Ізмаїл та його фортифікація (за джерелами XVI–XIX ст.) by Мехмет Тютюнджи, Андрій Красножон (pp. 226-229)
Review by: Marco Cassioli

Manuscrisele slavone de la biblioteca filialei Cluj-Napoca a Academiei Române. Studiu monografic şi antologie de texte. Bucharest: Editura Etnologică, 2020, 265 PP. [Anca Libidov. Slavonic Manuscripts in the Library of the Cluj-Napoca Branch of the Romanian Academy. Monographic Study and Anthology of Texts] by Anca Libidov (pp. 229-231)
Review by: Marco Cassioli

Dopo la Grande Guerra Violenza, Stati e Società Tra Adriatico Orientale e Balcani by Alberto Basciani (pp. 232-235)
Review by: Bavjola Shatro

Interwar East Central Europe, 1918–1941: The Failure of Democracy-Building, the Fate of Minorities by Sabrina P. Ramet (pp. 236-237)
Review by: Deletant Dennis

O istorie a companiilor de navigaţie străine de la Dunărea de Jos by Cristian Constantin (pp. 237-239)

Review by: Deletant Dennis

Vol. 7, No. 1, 2020


Studies and Articles

Mobility and Wax Trade in the Black Sea Region: The Merchants of Kilia, 1360–1361 (pp. 1-16)
Marco Cassioli

Architectural Images in Oriental Carpets (pp. 17-32)
Sasha S. Lozanova and Stela Borisova Tasheva

Romanian Public Health Policy in the First Interwar Decade: Parliamentary Proposals for Administration of the Public Health System (pp. 33-52)
Diana-Gabriela Reianu

Emancipation Policy or Propaganda? The Position of Albanian Women under State Socialism (pp. 53-73)
Esilda Luku and Elvin Luku

Countryside Modernized or Traumatized? Rural Mental Health in Hungary after the Collectivization of Agriculture (pp. 74-98)
Gábor Csikós

Book Reviews

Османи на трьох континентах, пер. з турецьк. О. Кульчинського by Ортайли Ільбер (pp. 99-103)
Review by: Ihor Robak and Vodotyka Serhiy

Between Rome and Byzantium: The Golden Age of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’s Political Culture—Second Half of the Fifteenth Century to the First Half of the Seventeenth Century by Kianupienė, Jūratė (pp. 104-107)
Review by: Martin O. Heisler


Vol. 6, No. 2 (2019) click to download


Studies and Articles

Y. Yakovyshyna, R. Koropetskyi, N. Bulyk, O. Sytnyk

Influences of Sites of Trypillia BI – Cucuteni A4 Stages on the Establishing of Styles of Panting of Ceramic Ware of Zalischyky Group of Trypillia ВI–ВII Stages (Upper and Middle Dnister Region)…..5

Oleksandr Okhrimenko, Stanislav Voloshchenko

Between the Man’s Hands and God’s Eyes: The Psalter of 1437 from the Collection of the Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine…..21

Esilda Luku

Why Did Albanians and their Collaborationist Governments Rescue Jews during the Holocaust?…..33

Veselina Uzunova

Bulgaria and the United States in the 60s – from Confrontation to Détente a Cold War Case Study…..51

Book Reviews

Corina Iosif

Florica Mihuţ Bohalţea, Building a House in Rural Romania before and after 1989 (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019), 124 pp, ISBN-13:978-1-5275-3453-7, ISBN-10:1-5275-3453-7, £58.99…..59


Vol. 6, No. 1 (2019) click to download


Studies and Articles

Valentina Šoštarić (Zovko)

Negative Emotions in Action two Examples from the 15th Century Ragusan Diplomacy…..5

Iryna Hnidyk

Central and Eastern Europe in European Unity Vision of St. John Paul II through Heritage of St. Cyril and Methodius…..17

Anna-Marina Katsigianni

Identities on the Go: Homelands And Languages In Balkan And Turkish–Cypriot Literature…..29

Claudia Mănguță Rusu

Aspects of Romanian Consular Diplomacy in Two Scandinavian Countries in the First Decades of the Communist Rule…..45

Srđan Mladenov Jovanović

Confronting Recent History: Media in Serbia During Aleksandar Vučić’s Ministry of Information in the Milošević Era (1998–1999)…..61

Book Reviews

Mircea Măran

SEBASTIAN–DRAGOŞ BUNGHEZ, Parlamentul şi politica externă a României (1899–1914), Mega Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, 2018, 458 p., ISBN 978-606-543-937-5, 55 lei…..75


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