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Welcoming our newest Advisory Board and Editorial Board members

Hiperboreea welcome Stelu Şerban, Donald Dyer, Alexandru Madgearu and Dušan Mlacović as a new Advisory Board and Editorial Board members!

Stelu Şerban is associate research fellow at the Institute for South East Europe Studies in Bucharest, Romanian Academy. Stelu’s research interests are related to anthropology, political sciences, social and environmental history in various interdisciplinary perspectives. He is member of the editorial board of Mnogoobrazie v edinstvoto (Sofia), and member of the Advisory Board of the International Association for Southeast European Anthropology.

Donald L. Dyer is Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, College of Liberal Arts of the University of Mississippi (USA), and Distinguished Professor of Modern Languages. He is the Editor of Balkanistica, the journal of the Southeast European Studies Association, and the book series Romance Monographs, published by the Department of Modern Languages of the University of Mississippi. He is also a member of the Scientific Board of the Balkan History Association. His research and teaching interests include Balkan Slavic and Balkan Romance, Romanian, Russian and Bulgarian languages in Moldova, and language contacts in South-Eastern Europe.

Alexandru Madgearu is researcher at the Institute for Political Studies of Defence and Military History, Bucharest, Romania. He has published books and studies on the late ancient and early medieval history of Romania and South-Eastern Europe, including Byzantine Military Organization on the Danube, 10th-12th Centuries (Brill, 2013) and The Asanids: The Political and Military History of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1280) (Brill, 2013).

Dušan Mlacović is assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Faculty of arts, Department of History. He deals with Slovene medieval history and social and economic history of the east Adriatic coast and Hinterland in the Middle Ages. In 2008, he published the monograph Plemstvo i otok: pad i uspon rapskoga plemstva [Nobility and the Island: The fall and rise of Rab’s nobility] (Slovenian ed. 2008; Italian ed. 2012). Since 2017 he is assistant to the editor-in-chief of Zgodovinski časopis (Historical Review), and since 2012 a member of the editorial board of Povijesni prilozi.

Current Issue: Vol. 11, No. 1 (2024)

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