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Vol. 8, No. 2, 2021

Studies and Articles

The Mission of the Thessaloniki Brothers in Great Moravia—Between Constantinople and Rome (pp. 159-183), Milan Katuninec

The Byzantine Influence on Early Slavic Passion-Bearing Saints (pp. 184-203), Emil Hilton Saggau

Wallachian Colonization and Traces of the Vlachs (Romanians) in Medieval Slovakia 
(pp. 204-226), Miloš Marek

At Hetmans’ Service: Natives of the Balkans and Podunavlje in the Mercenary Regiments of Cossack Hetmanate in the Mid-Seventeenth through Early-Eighteenth Centuries 
(pp. 227-248), Oleksii Sokyrko

Conspiracies and Refugees: Armenian Migrants in Bulgaria in the Last Decade of the Nineteenth Century 
(pp. 249-267), Krzysztof Popek

Book Reviews

Christian Divination in Late Antiquity by Robert Wiśniewski (pp. 268-271), Review by: Yaniv Fox

Cosmas Pragensis Chronica Bohemorum by Janos M. Bak, Pavlína Rychterová, Martyn Rady, Petra Mutlová 
(pp. 272-275), Review by: Mihai Dragnea

Christianity and War in Medieval East Central Europe and Scandinavia by Radosław Kotecki, Carsten Selch Jensen, Stephen Bennett 
(pp. 276-279), Review by: Alexandru Madgearu

I commerci adriatici e mediterranei di Ancona nel XV secolo by Giulia Spallacci 
(pp. 280-282), Review by: Marco Cassioli

Late Byzantium Reconsidered: The Arts of the Palaiologan Era in the Mediterranean by Andrea Mattiello, Maria Alessia Rossi 
(pp. 282-286), Review by: Margarita Kuyumdzhieva and Ivan Biliarsky

Ruler Martyrs on the Periphery of Medieval Europe by Simon Malmenvall 
(pp. 286-289), Review by: Emil Hilton Saggau

The Lower Danube Region and the South of Russia: International Trade, Navigation and Merchants in the British Consular Reports (1829–1900) by Christian Constantin 
(pp. 289-290), Review by: Wojciech Sajkowski

Making Muslim Women European: Voluntary Associations, Gender, and Islam in Post-Ottoman Bosnia and Yugoslavia (1878–1941) by Fabio Giomi 
(pp. 291-294), Review by: Nilghiun Ismail

The Politics of Memory of the Second World War in Contemporary Serbia. Collaboration, Resistance and Retribution by Jelena Đureinović 
(pp. 294-297), Review by: Klara Muhle-Szumski

National Security—Historical Analysis of the Yugoslav Security Services—Directorate of the YPA Counterintelligence Service—Ten-Year Report—Fight against the Enemy 1944–1954 by Darko Trifunović 
(pp. 297-301), Review by: Gordan Akrap

Memories of Terror: Essays on Recent Histories by Mihaela Gligor 
(pp. 301-304), Review by: Camelia Crăciun

The Holocaust in South-Eastern Europe: Historiography, Archival Resources and Remembrance by Adina Babeș-Fruchter, Ana Bărbulescu 
(pp. 304-308), Review by: Emanuel-Marius Grec

Encounters on the Holy Mountain: Stories from Mount Athos by Peter Howorth, Chris Thomas (pp. 308-310), Review by: Dorina Onica

Die Mehrdeutigkeit geteilter religiöser Orte. Eine ethnographische Fallstudie zum Kloster Sveti Naum in Ohrid, Mazedonien by Evelyn Reuter 
(pp. 311-314), Review by: Sorin Paliga

Аrhitektura v izkustvoto—izkustvo v arhitekturata by Sasha Lozanova, Stela Tasheva 
(pp. 314-320), Review by: Stelu Șerban

Vol. 8, No. 1, 2021

Studies and Articles

Montenegro under Ottoman Rule (1497–1697) (pp. 1-15) by Abidin Temizer and Marijan Premović

War and Social Conflicts in Early Modern Border Areas: Colonel Ludovicus de La Borde and Satu Mare (Szatmár) Fortress (1673–77) (pp. 16-37) by Florin Nicolae Ardelean

Aromanian Ethnicity in the Accounts of British Travelers through the Balkans (approx. 1800–1860) (pp. 38-58) by Vladimir Constantin Crețulescu

From Disorder to “the Normality”: Food Provisioning in Western, Central, and Southeast Europe, 1914–1924 
(pp. 59-80) by Aleksandar R. Miletić

Master Artisan Certificates of the Practical Fishermen’s School in Bulgaria (1921–1933) 
(pp. 81-95) by Asen Nikolov Kozhuharov

From “Original Democracy” to Euro-Atlantic Integration: Foreign Policy Issues during the Romanian Presidential Campaigns (1990–2004) 
(pp. 96-117) by Marius Mureșan

Book Reviews

Alexander the Great in the Roman Empire, 150 BC to AD 600 by Jaakkojuhani Peltonen 
(pp. 118-121), review by Valeria Fol

Perceptions of the Body and Sacred Space in Late Antiquity and Byzantium. by Jelena Bogdanović 
(pp. 121-124), review by Ecaterina Lung

Classical Art: A Life History from Antiquity to the Present by Caroline Vout 
(pp. 124-128), review by Andreea Ștefan

Images de l’Invisible: De l’Antiquité tardive a la fin du Moyen Âge. by Luminița Diaconu, Alexandra Lițu, Ecaterina Lung, Luminița Diaconu, Alexandra Lițu, Ecaterina Lung; Images of the Invisible: From Late Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages by Luminița Diaconu, Alexandra Lițu, Ecaterina Lung 
(pp. 128-131), review by Ana-Maria Lepăr

Ai confini dell’Occidente. Regesti degli atti dei notai veneziani a Tana nel Trecento. 1359–1388 by Francesca Pucci Donati, Francesca Pucci Donati; At the Borders of the West. Summaries of Venetian Notary Deeds Drawn Up in Tana during the Fourteenth Century. 1359–1388 by Francesca Pucci Donati 
(pp. 132-135), review by Marco Cassioli

Memoriale delle cose occorse a me Franco Sivori dopo della mia partenza da Genova l’anno 1581 per andare in Vallachia by Alexandra Vrânceanu Pagliardini, Alexandra Vrânceanu Pagliardini; Memoir of Things That Happened to Me, Franco Sivori, After My Departure from Genoa in 1581 to Go to Wallachia by Alexandra Vrânceanu Pagliardini 
(pp. 135-138), review by Marco Cassioli

The Lithuanian Metrica. History and Research by Artūras Dubonis, Darius Antanavičius, Raimonda Ragauskienė, Ramunė Šmigelskytė-Stukienė 
(pp. 138-142), review by Valentin Constantinov

Vojnový Album: Dr. Jenő Lesskó–Belehrad 1915–1916. Ratni Album: Dr. Jenő Lesskó–Beograd 1915–1916 by Martin Jarinkovič, Viktor Szabó, Martin Jarinkovič, Viktor Szabó; The War Album: Dr. Jenő Lesskó–Belgrade 1915–1916 by Martin Jarinkovič, Viktor Szabó 
(pp. 143-147), review by Milan Sovilj

Bulgaria and Hungary in the First World War: A View from the 21st Century by Gábor Demeter, Csaba Katona, Penka Peykovska 
(pp. 147-151), review by Balázs Balatoni

Peisajul cultural rural dintre Prut și Nistru. Aspecte etnogeografice by Dorina Onica, Dorina Onica; The rural cultural landscape between Prut and Dniester. Ethno-geographical aspects by Dorina Onica 
(pp. 151-155), review by Natalia Grădinaru

The Romance-Speaking Balkans: Language and the Politics of Identity by Annemarie Sorescu-Marinković, Mihai Dragnea, Thede Kahl, Blagovest Njagulov, Donald L. Dyer, Angelo Costanzo 
(pp. 155-158), review by Petar Radosavljević

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